“Combining social media, entertainment and unexpected consumer experiences allows us to connect with audiences through every type of media.”

-Jim Farley / EVP Global Marketing, Ford Motor Company

When Ryan Seacrest shipped Joel McHale 100 all-new 2013 Fusions to help launch this new car, Ford fans everywhere knew that something awesome, funny and epic was on the horizon. Using multiple platforms centered on digital, Random Acts of Fusion leveraged star talent, episodic comedy content, real world adventures, pop-up events, interactive contests and scavenger hunts to give consumers everywhere a chance to interact with the 2013 Fusion months before it arrived in dealerships. Ryan and Joel's celebrity rivalry began in national TV spots, but soon spilled out online and into the real world where drivers were invited to see, touch and drive the new Fusions first hand. As their feud raged on, Joel's beleaguered assistant, the lovable comedy star Kate Micucci, sent participants on incredible fantasy excursions from VIP NASCAR weekend and NYC's glamorous Fashion's Night Out, to dozens of special events that popped up in 75 cities across the country. By the story's conclusion, over 17 million people interacted in this ground-breaking, participation-based social experience, showcasing Ford's forward thinking and their revolutionary all-new Fusion.