“I'm a game fanatic. Games and puzzles-they're both magical to me.”

Michael Borys leads the interactive design team at 42 Entertainment - responsible for all online, mobile and real-world puzzles, games and social activities. From scores of casual game found throughout 42E's projects such as TRON's 'Space Paranoids' and the Dark Knight's 'Sitting Ducks', to amazing real life collaborative scavenger hunts like the one held in the dead of night on Alcatraz Island, Michael always strives to give the audiences new experiences in fun. From 1996 to 2000, he led various teams within the Disney Company and helped in the creation of the original Disney's Daily Blast online. In 2000, Michael teamed up with Alex Lieu at 3pinmedia

to work on major projects for Disney Imagineering and the Disney Themeparks, as well as create animations and games for television and the web. In 2003-2005 Michael worked as Warner Brothers' Senior Game Designer for its Web and Mobile divisions. His passion and appreciation for authenticity, magic, history, games, and everything in between gives a unique point of view to what he creates. It's his attention to detail and love of storytelling that elevates the work he does into something memorable and meaningful. For over 15 years Michael has been doing what he loves most, creating hundreds of gaming experiences over many platforms.