“For me it's about communicating strength through design. Art is what drives me.”

Johnny Rodriguez is responsible for all things visual at 42 Entertainment. From custom graphics and mysterious Web sites, to the full-scale street murals that have suddenly appeared in places like London and Hollywood, his pieces often serve as standalone art works in addition to the role they play as storytelling vehicles for 42's various projects. Johnny leads a diverse team of visual designers who are responsible for all online, print, event, media, mobile, environmental and collectible graphic design. Prior to 42, Johnny was part of the original team at Disney Online in 1995, designing kid-friendly Web sites as well as sites for Hollywood Records' rock and R&B artists. He left Disney for

Pittard Sullivan, the award-winning LA design shop, where he led design efforts for Fox Family and the Military Channel. He later partnered with Alex Lieu at 3 Pin Media, joining 42 when the two firms merged in 2005. Outside of 42, Johnny is known as KMNDZ, a signature artist in LA's pop surrealist art scene. He took his name from the keystroke combination "command z"-because he thinks we could all use an "undo" button in life. His work has been shown at the Thinkspace and Merry Karnowsky galleries in Los Angeles, Fifty24SF and the Shooting Gallery in San Francisco, the Leonard Street Gallery in London, and England's Bristol City Museum.